The re-creation of the human form is more than just the replication of what the eye sees. It is the point at which art and science meet to truly understand the wonder of the human anatomy in all its complexity.

Realist, figurative sculpture has the power to stop us in our tracks and make us reflect on the human condition and our place in the world.

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Music Video for the German Rap Star

It might at first appear a daunting idea to commission a piece of original sculpture. It doesn’t have to be, however. As one of the country’s leading commercial sculptors, Andrew Sinclair undertakes his projects in a clear and professional manner that involves his clients at every step of the way.

A Portrait Sculpture can celebrate a life in a way no other art form can. There are only a handful of sculptors working today who truly understand the discipline of realism. Andrew Sinclair MRSS is one of the world’s leading realist figurative sculptors creating stunning life-like portraits.

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New Online Course NOW AVAILABLE Andrew Sinclair is passionate about handing on his skills to the next generation of commercial sculptors. With a career spanning

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