John – A Living Portrait

John, the owner of a hot-air balloon business, commissioned Andrew to create his portrait having followed his work for many years. This wasn’t a request borne from vanity, but rather from a sense of history and legacy. John has no family and he felt that when he dies, no-one might ever know who he was, or what he had achieved in his life. John is responsible for sewing, making and repairing the silk hot air balloons, and before that, he had been a jeweller. He wanted these aspects of his life to be represented in the sculpture. So featured on his chest are his jewellery tools; a metal file, a ring measurement gauge and his own personal hallmark. The base of the sculpture displays a miniature version of his sewing machine and floating below his collar are two small hot air balloons. Adding a personal touch at the back of his shirt collar there is a short poem about John.

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