Alexander Pushkin

Central London

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"There is no truth where there is no love."

- Alexander Pushkin -

To celebrate Russian poet and playwright Alexander Pushkin’s life (1799 – 1837) Andrew Sinclair has been commissioned to design and create a sculpture that brings to the fore the great man’s achievements and personality.

Currently working to raise funds for the creation of the final work, Andrew has designed a scale version Marquette to demonstrate how the commissioned sculpture will ultimately appear.

The project ‘Pushkin for the Whole World,’ aims to bring the real Pushkin to the English-speaking world through the inspired translations of the American poet Julian Henry Lowenfeld.

Alongside the monument to Pushkin in central London and in addition to the books, we plan videos, readings, concerts, theatrical events, and media appearances, in the future initially in the UK.


Andrew’s motivation as a sculptor is to create a stunning sculpture that not only fulfils the vision of the Pushkin Sculpture Committee but one that will also be a ground-breaking work of art worthy of world-wide acclaim.

Andrew says “The sculpture visualisation in this proposal should be considered as a starting point and I would be delighted to collaborate with the sculpture commissioners to develop the detail within the design, to enhance the narrative and of course, profoundly inspire the public. My style of sculpture is driven towards three-dimensional narrative: this sculpture is a story-telling drama depicting Alexander Pushkin in full poetic flow. Having just written a new sonnet he stands astride a wave battered rock, reciting his burgeoning masterpiece to an imagined audience, with dripping quill in his right hand and his notebook in his left. It is a dramatic moment of passion – capturing the spirit of Pushkin’s intensely theatrical poetry and evoking the joy, emotion and power of Russian verse at its zenith.”