Their Lives in Our Hands – Rhino edition

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"It is within our power to save the plight of these endangered rhinos and we hold their future in our hands."

- Andrew Sinclair MRSS SWAc -

The lives of the ‘Big 5’ endangered species in Africa are, literally, in our hands.

This is the first sculpture in Andrew Sinclair’s ‘Their Lives in Our Hands’ series of endangered animal sculptures – the black rhino. The mother and baby rhino are raised upwards by a human hand, literally creating the sculptural metaphor of Their Lives in our Hands in a unique composition.

This sculpture is based on the true story of Nabul, a black rhino, rescued from certain death by poachers, who thrived on a reservation in South Africa, who went on to successfully give birth her female calf.

Available in bronze & bronze resin editions.