A memorial to the Duke of Wellington’s Regiment

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A memorial to the Duke of Wellington’s Regiment, by Devon sculptor Andrew Sinclair MRSS, is to be unveiled by the Duke of Wellington OBE DL on 17th May 2019 at the Regiment’s home in Halifax.

The sculpture, which is 12ft tall and weighs 1.5 tonnes, has been created to commemorate over 300 years of service to the nation by the Regiment fondly referred to as ‘The Dukes’, to reflect their history and spirit. The sculpture is focused around 4 soldiers, each representing a key moment in the Regiment’s history; a soldier from the War of Independence, a Sargeant from the Napoleonic War, a WW1 Officer ‘going over the top’ and the modern soldier standing guard at the top of the edifice.

The impressive piece has been created by internationally-renowned figurative sculptor, Andrew Sinclair MRSS, whose skill in realist sculpting and fascination for military history has proved to be a winning partnership. He explains; ‘Good figurative sculpture represents years of skill and personal development. It’s truly where science meets art. Design is in the detail, which in this case meant working with historians and re-enactors, something I really enjoyed and could not be more appropriate to my way of working.”


Andrew’s greatest challenge was the accuracy of the uniforms, right down to the last button! The sculpture was made using a lost wax process then moulded in phosphor bronze, a traditional medium, to give it the rich conker-like tone. A staggering 84 moulds were created to make this remarkable piece of art. Andrew is no stranger to complex designs and is known to create works of art that tell a story, like his most famous piece, the acclaimed David Bowie sculpture in Aylesbury. Andrew continues; “There is a complex story within this design. The narrative is engaging, similar to a Baroque painting and has been created to draw the observer in with additional references that are pertinent to the Regiment’s history like the Drum Elephant and the Rugby Player.’  The technique he uses, The Sinclair Method TM is one he shares with his students at The Sculpture School in Devon, where he shares his knowledge on contemporary realist sculpture.

The memorial arrived back from the foundry to Andrew’s studio at the beginning of April. It will undergo the finishing touches and patination before it is transported up in one piece up to Halifax on 14th May ready for its unveiling.