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The Art of Portrait Sculpture - Bringing Reality To Life

A Portrait Sculpture can celebrate a life in a way no other art form can.

If you have ever considered the idea of commissioning a portrait, you will most probably have thought about a painting. You are less likely to have considered a bronze sculpture, not least because a realistic sculptural portrait is so difficult to achieve. There are only a handful of sculptors working today who truly understand the discipline of realism. Andrew Sinclair MRSS is one of the world’s leading realist figurative sculptors creating stunning life-like portraits.

A person is more than just how they look. They are the culmination of their mannerisms, their experiences and their achievements. Developed by Andrew, ‘Narrative Realism’ is the method of storytelling through sculpture. He works to understand his subject’s character, life-story and achievements, so that he can represent them in a dynamic way that is a true reflection and a narrative of their life.

Commissioning a Portrait Sculpture is not as involved or as time-consuming as you may think. Thanks to Andrew’s unique method of working from photography and measurements, there is no need for a subject to sit for hours. After an initial briefing, subject discussion and photography, Andrew will work to deliver a realist sculpture that will be cherished for generations to come.

Whether it is as a gift, to honour someone special or to commemorate a personal endeavour, a bronze portrait sculpture is the perfect memento.

To learn more about the process, outline your project or just have an exploratory chat, feel free to email or call Andrew Sinclair sculpture: 01837 82879