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Anatomical Model Figure for Students

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"Understanding the deep muscle anatomy of the human figure is vital to be able to create realistic figurative sculptures."

- Andrew Sinclair MRSS SWAc -

The Challenge

An écorché is a figure drawn, painted, or sculpted showing the muscles of the body without skin, normally as a figure study for another work or as an exercise for a student artist. It is a vital resource for any realist figurative artist serious about developing the skills to capture the human form anatomically, as well as artistically

Most anatomical model figures are not necessarily ‘artistic’- usually standing in a very basic ‘anatomical’ pose. Andrew’s idea was to create a figure in a dynamic, active pose that was inspirational and appealing to artists of all genres.

Frustrated by so few such resources for sculpture students, Andrew Sinclair embraced the challenge of creating a fully detailed écorché figure, with the view of running an Écorché Sculpture Workshop in the future.


Écorché Workshops

The second lockdown of 2020 provided the opportunity and time for Andrew to enjoy creating this amazingly detailed Écorché figure. The resin cast figure features the deep muscular anatomy, soft organs, and vascular system already in situ; the aim being for students to apply the surface muscles correctly in place so that they understand the origin and insertion points of each muscle. This model is anatomically correct and would be an ideal 3D resource for medical and ancillary health professionals, as well as serious art students needing to understand human anatomy for their life studies.

The Écorché figure’s dynamic pose means that students can study and apply clay muscles both at rest and in action – providing them with a unique opportunity to fully appreciate the subtle difference in the physical appearance of muscles in tension or movement.

Andrew Sinclair works closely with the medical profession, running sculpture workshops for medical students and surgeons at UCL, as well as within the medical industries supplying prosthetic limbs. His understanding of anatomy and its artistic application provides medical professionals with unique opportunities to improve dexterity and their artistic appreciation for the outcomes of surgery and medical practices.

The Sculpture School’s first Écorché two-day workshop will be running this year just for our One Year Course students, but plans for an online Écorché course are in hand, to be used in conjunction with the Écorché figure model.

Please check the website for dates and availability.