Chelsea Flower Show Centenary Display

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"Realist sculpture can set creativity alight - there is no where the imagination cannot go!"

- Andrew Sinclair MRSS SWAc -

The Brief

This self-initiated piece was an exercise in the art of the mind and the skill of the hand coming together. Fantasies and surreal imaginings can come alive in the hands of a master. Tasking himself with creating a realistic looking dinosaur, Andrew’s imagination took a particular leap of surreal wistfulness to place a large naked woman aside the beast. Late for a wedding she panics as her top hat threatens to fly off and the pearls around her neck spill. Originally conceived as just a small piece, upon seeing it Eddie Powell of the Sculpture Park commissioned Andrew to create a life-sized version for the Centenary of the Chelsea Flower Show, where this charmingly hilarious character towered over everything around her.