Music Video for the German Rap Star

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"Great realist sculpture is born from where art and science meet."

- Andrew Sinclair MRSS SWAc -

The Brief

Commissioned by Peter Muellenkamp, head of one of Berlin’s leading SFX studios for the German film industry. The brief was to create a life-size sculpture of the German rap artist Sido, who is a highly regarded European super star, to appear in his latest music video. Working to an extraordinarily tight deadline for a project of this magnitude, Andrew had just a two-week window to create this sculpture. Furthermore it had to be undertaken away from his own studio in Berlin.


The Sculpture

The thought of sculpting without any distractions in a foreign city, was a challenge that appealed to Andrew. Away from his own studio, without distractions to interrupt the flow or any extraneous decisions to make, gave him a freedom that was unique. It also presented a situation that allowed him to confidently meet the specific demands of this commission.

Andrew was chosen for this contract because of his ability to capture a stunning likeness within an extremely tight time frame. A perfect likeness of Sido’s whole body was critical for the storyline, within the video, to work and be easily understood. This meant matching his clothes, body language and body type, so that the filming presented a seamless continuity between the real man and the sculpture itself. The results speak for themselves, the video has gone viral with over 55 million views.

©Photos courtesy of Peter Muhlenkamp