King Æthelstan

Kingston upon Thames

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"Sculpture is all about inspiration and should speak to the heart, create a reaction, make people think. This sculpture of King Æthelstan does just that."

The Brief

Andrew has recently been asked to design a sculpture to commemorate the life of Athelstan, king of the Anglo-Saxons.

The funds are currently being raised to create a long lasting unique sculpture of the first King of all England to be placed near to where he was crowned in Kingston upon Thames in the year 925.

King Æthelstan’s importance in British history has long been neglected, and this inspirational sculpture will rectify that, as well as enhance Kingston’s national status, encouraging tourism and art lovers alike.


The Concept

Andrew says, “My motivation as a sculptor is to create a stunning piece that not only fulfils the vision of those who commissioned it, but one that will be a ground-breaking work of art, worthy of world-wide acclaim.

The sculpture will be cast in beautifully patinated bronze – King Æthelstan and Æthelflæd are life-size figures. The hound and raven are also life size. The sculpture will sit on a stone plinth of grey granite.”